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Geopolitics. See also news from: | Niger floods leave 22 dead and thousands homeless
Twenty-two people are dead and thousands have been left homeless in Niger after torrential rains caused heavy flooding, authorities have said.
[News24] 09/08/2018
- Private radio and television stations shut down in Niger for non-payment of taxes
Several private radio and television stations in Niger have been closed down by the authorities for non-payment of taxes despite the protests by the broadcasting stations earlier this year.
[IFEX] 03/08/2018 | US confirms drones in Niger have striking capabilities
The United States Africa Command says the US started arming drones in the Central African nation of Niger earlier this year.
[News24] 30/07/2018
Migration: Niger at a crossroads
The Africa Report examines the EU’s efforts to tamp down migration to its shores by pouring hundreds of millions of euros into an African country with a poor governance record and high rates of...
[The Africa Report] 24/07/2018
Presentation: The sources of instability in the Sahel
The North Africa Journal – June 5, 2018: This is a presentation made by MEA Risk Analyst and North Africa Journal Editor Arezki Daoud on understanding the sources of instability in the Sahel. The...
[The North Africa Journal] 05/06/2018
- Niger journalist Baba Alpha released and immediately deported to Mali
RSF regards Baba Alpha's expulsion to neighbouring Mali after serving a one-year jail sentence as "a second sentence."
[IFEX] 05/04/2018

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A new migrant crisis is unfolding in Niger
6 August 2018 at 19:20

Niger: Europe’s new ‘frontier’ destroying (...)
7 August 2018 at 16:43

NASS siege: Learn from Lawal Daura’s fall - (...)
11 August 2018 at 02:44

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